Accounting Solutions for Counselors and Social Workers

For social workers and counselors, especially those in private practice, it can be stressful to navigate general accounting, not to mention the complicated process of preparing taxes considering the ever-changing laws and regulations and the ins and outs of what is deductible and what isn’t. Here at Strategic Accounting and Tax Solutions we offer financial insight into the best ways to leverage your tax advantages based on the structure and operation of your practice as well as focused accounting strategies based on your financial goals.

We can advise you on various tax deductions, credits, and reimbursements available to help maximize your tax benefits without compromising on the quality of care you offer your clients. After all, we know that patient care is top priority. Because our Michigan CPA team focuses on mental health professionals, we understand that your time is best spent with patients, not pouring over the numbers. By outsourcing your accounting services to us, we will ensure that your books stay organized, you receive financial advice in accordance with the latest tax laws and regulations, and that you’re best prepared for tax time.

Specialized Accounting for Counselors and Licensed Social Workers

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