Accounting Solutions for Substance Abuse and Drug Addiction Facilities

As a substance abuse counselor, we know your job is stressful and involved. As accountants and tax professionals who specialize in working with mental health industry professionals, we also know that your time is best spent on patient care, not finances. If you dread handling and reconciling your business finances, it may be time to outsource these critical services. Here at Strategic Accounting and Tax Solutions, we can help you develop a strategy for managing your business finances.

Our Michigan CPA team can help you professionally manage your finances by tracking expenses and cutting costs, provide insightful financial advice, highlight tax deductions, and ultimately help you meet your financial goals. Don’t get stuck after hours reconciling accounts and invoices. Let us help you reclaim your work life balance while helping your practice thrive.

Specialized Accounting for Substance Abuse and Drug Addiction Facilities

Reach out today at (616) 935-7018 or schedule a free consultation online to learn more benefits of working with an accountant who specializes in accounting for substance abuse and drug addiction facilities.